Thursday, November 13, 2014

Swimsuit kanak-kanak- Harga retail RM58.00 sehelai.

Swimsuit kanak-kanak, saiz 3-4y, 5-6y, 7-8y, 9-10y, 11-12y. Harga retail sehelai RM58.00. Belian borong 3 helai boleh campur, RM49.00 sehelai. Belian 6 helai- RM39.00 sehelai. Stok terhad!!! Sebarang pertanyaan atau untuk order online, sila call/sms/whatsapp ke 013-2906597. FB page-
kod- SW02A,SW02B,SW02C
kod- SW02D,SW02E,SW02F


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